Antique Ceramics

The little things in life give living its flavour; the same can be said of home décor. In the same way, a piece of jewellery can make or break an outfit; antique ceramics can add the finishing touches to your design. The charm and beauty of antique pottery will impart life into the room and enhance your décor.

Antique pottery is as functional as it is stylish; terracotta bowls displayed in your living room whisper stories back and forth from their already long lives, creating a sense of depth to your design. Vintage pots can be repurposed into vases or fruit bowls, conjuring up feelings of a simpler time. We have a range of antique ceramics available to help you transform your home décor into something truly unique.

Ancient Ceramics Were Than Just Decorations

Today, antique pottery is more so a product of design rather than function. This is not the case for all civilisations in the past; many early ceramics were purely functional. These ceramics were primarily used in kitchens for food storage and preparation. Traditional French confit pots that are now seen as works of art and conversation pieces within homes were once relegated to the kitchen to store goose and duck fat.

The Long History of Ceramic Pottery

The First Example of Ancient Pottery

As one of the oldest inventions in human history, pottery has existed since before the Neolithic period. Fragments from ancient pottery have been discovered at an archaeological site known as Odai Yamamoto in Japan and date back around 15,0000 years ago.

The Development of Ancient Pottery

Pottery practices were introduced with the development of agricultural lifestyles, as durable and robust vessels and containers were needed. Initially, pottery was made on open fires, but during the Neolithic era, special ovens created to dry cereal grains and bake bread were developed. The use of these ovens kickstarted the development of pottery creation. Around the same time, some areas of South America were also developing pottery technology.

Repurpose Antique Ceramics for Modern Design

The antique ceramics at Elsie Wolfe are steeped in history and ready to begin their new lives within your home. You can browse our collection online or give us a ring to discuss any of our products in more detail.