Cabinets and Storage

The vintage and antique storage cabinets in this collection can be used for many items and ideas; an older term you may be familiar with is ‘pantry’ being used to name a piece of furniture or cupboard situated in the kitchen. Storage furniture has been an essential part of living for over 500 years. The pantry may be used as storage for ceramics, glass ware, food and even decorative silverware once upon a time; also some households these days use this room to store linens or cleaning chemicals. The origin of the word “pantry” comes from the antique French term “paneterie” which itself roots from “pain” the French for bread.

In the late Middle Ages, households would have a room where bread was kept rather than using storage furniture like a cabinet, and also there were similar places where meats were stored. The person who was responsible for those rooms was referred to as a “pantler”. Pantries developed their use from early Colonial American “butteries” which were built in a sharp north facing corner of the houses for keep the butter cool. In the latter part of the 19th century, in a middle-class English home, pantries were built adjoining the kitchen and dining room.

In large houses in Britain during the Victorian era, pantries were separate rooms dedicated for food preparation and cleanup. The kitchen was the place where the food was prepared. And the pantry were dishwashing was done, in a wooden sink lined with lead. Sometimes this room was also used for cutting raw meat and cleaning fish. Large wooden cupboards were used as pantries in some middle-class houses. These country house storage cabinets are very sort after antiques these days, and sometimes come in very large sizes.

Though the way we store has changed many times throughout history our need for cabinets and storage still stays strong today.