Elsie Wolfe is Proudly New Zealand Owned and Operated
Elsie Wolfe is Proudly New Zealand Owned and Operated
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a large antique ceramic jelly mould in yellow
a large red antique pottery jelly mould
a cream and red antique ceramic jelly mould

An Extra Large 19th Century Ceramic Jelly Mould

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Circa 1890s.

Size 27cm diameter and 12cm high.

A very early and scarce jelly mold here. It has been glazed beige and a light rhubarb red and has a hole in the center for a donut like shape. A very unique piece to display in a kitchen sure to have your family and friends intrigued.

The word jelly comes from the French word gelée, meaning to congeal or gel.

Before gelatin became widely available as a commercial product, the most typical gelatin dessert was "calf's foot jelly". As the name indicates, this was made by extracting and purifying gelatin from the foot of a calf.

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