Tables and Chairs

The antique and vintage dining room tables and chairs in this collection find them selves here from around the globe. We deal in European and native New Zealand pieces. Our European tables are sourced from countries including England, France, and Belgium. All our tables and chairs are available for viewing at our physical store in Pukekohe, please click here if you with to visit our antique shop.

Antique English tables often are made from oak or mahogany as well as pine. These tables often have turned legs and sit on castors. Popular English tables today are refectory and trestle tables which would have been present in the servants’ quarters and great kitchens of the day.
Vintage French and Belgium tables are always popular as the more primitive tables provide the perfect French country farmhouse look, they also work very well with an industrial themed room. These tables are often more basic with square legs and sometimes they have one or two draws also.
Native New Zealand pieces follow the English styles of the time. Good examples are increasingly hard to find as borer has long been feasting on our pieces just like many of our old colonial buildings.

Here is a brief history of the dining table.

The concept of a fixed flat surface is as old as Egyptian civilization but the exact purpose of the tables from that era is still unknown to us and maybe forgotten in time, it is possible they were used for playing games and social drinking.

The idea of a stationary dining table foundered for centuries until almost instantly achieving a modern configuration in the form of the refectory table, used to furnish the dining halls of 15th century European monasteries and mansions. Expanding tables in the form of the draw table appeared in Italy, France and England in the early 16th century and other types such as the drop leaf and the center opening came later in the same century.