Vintage Garden Décor

Countless once forgotten, twice neglected gardens are being rediscovered across New Zealand while we’re stuck at home. A newfound interest in gardening has brought with it new trends, namely vintage garden décor. Vintage decor repurposes antique items that exude a timeless charm and will never fail to inspire no matter the generation. From ladders and metalbuckets towine bottles and wagon wheels, just about anything can become a vintage planter. Here at Elsie Wolfe, we have a variety of items to spruce up and age down your garden. Have a browse through our collection below.

Ancient Beginnings of Your Garden

Throughout history, there has always been a close relationship between the people and their gardens, reflecting society's values, ideals, and beliefs. The first gardens were an extension of religion and were located on temple grounds. They represented man’s perception of an earthly paradise. Water was highly valued and incorporated into these gardens to symbolize the river of life. Gardens were practical as well as idealistic. The gardens were self-sufficient and contained sections for cultivating produce, herbs,medicinal plants, and raising fish. A far cry from what we consider a garden today, gardens were typically walled to protect them from opposing armies and looters, reflecting the value and importance of gardens. The history of gardens is marked by adaptation; this still rings true today. As we turn further towards a greener, more environmentally friendly New Zealand, so too should your garden. Vintage decor utilises repurposed items that look better upcycled in the garden than sitting gathering dust in the shed. Make sure your garden stands the test of time! The great thing about vintage garden décor is that you can leave it outdoors. It will withstand any weather our climate throws at it with no maintenance needed. An aesthetically beautiful garden does not mean a high-maintenance one. Tap into your garden’s lost past and add a few antique items to recapture a forgotten past and timeless charm.

What Does your Garden Say About You?

Throughout history, gardens have adapted to changes in the social environment, politics, and ideals. Gardens are and have always been an extension of who we are. What will your garden say about you? Craft the message you want to send by taking a look at the stunning range of vintage planters and other items we have on offer.

Give Your Garden a Timeless Charm

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