Antique Décor Items

When you think of vintage, try picturing more than just antique mirrors with intricate framing. Close your eyes and imagine quirky signs, floral wallpapers, and antiquated household items. Antique décor items let history and your imagination run wild through interior decorating. Household vintage objects don’t need to be hundreds of years old; they come in various shapes, sizes and eras, each item carrying its own story. Browse our range below.

A History of Home Décor

One could argue that home decoration began when artistically inclined cave dwellers began painting pictures on their walls. But it only really came into its own in the 18th century when luxury items became affordable for common folk during the industrial revolution. Until then, antique décor items were reserved for the wealthy, for whom elegant hand-made furniture and ornate draperies symbolised status.

The increase in international trade and educational opportunities of the 18th century marked the beginning of consumerism. Wallpaper, candle sticks, rugs, art, decorative glass, and even pianos became more affordable and increasingly desirable. Rooms were decorated in light colours; floral schemes were a typical wallpaper choice; patterned carpets were popular, and books were displayed ostentatiously, as they were still expensive and indicated that their owner was rich and cultured. These trends influenced many of the vintage objects we see today.

Find a Style that Suits You

Here at Elsie Wolfe, we stock a range of antique décor items with an ever-changing stock list, from vintage brick moulds and antique dough bowls to European bread slicers and goulash pots. These vintage objects sourced from Europe and New Zealand have been pulled through the ages for you to enjoy today.

Stand out from the crowd by slipping back into the past with our range of antique décor items. Old doesn’t necessarily mean elegant. We stock a range of vintage objects from various eras to suit any style you like. Find a style that fits you with Elsie Wolfe’s range of antique décor items.