Antique objects for home décor are often referred to as decorative arts by the best top auction houses around the globe. Here and Elsie Wolfe Wondrous Antiques we stock a range of vintage pieces with an ever-changing stock list, from vintage brick moulds and antique dough bowls that can be used as primitive bowls to European bread slicers and goulash pots for help in the kitchen.

These objects have found there way here from Europe and New Zealand providing a unique and attractive mix.

Home decoration began when artistically inclined cave dwellers painted pictures on their walls, but it only really came into its own in the 18th century, when luxury items started to become affordable for ordinary people during the industrial revolution. Until then, the beautiful house had been the preserve of the nobility and the very rich, for whom elegant hand-made furniture and ornate draperies were a status symbol.

The early modern period in the 18th century, with its increase in international trade and new educational opportunities, marked the beginning of consumerism. Wallpaper, candle sticks, rugs, art, decorative glass and even pianos became more affordable. Rooms were decorated in light colors; floral schemes were a typical wallpaper choice; patterned carpets were popular and the rich owned comfortable upholstered furniture. Books were displayed ostentatiously, as they were still expensive and indicated that their owner was rich and cultured.

Relatively modern homes are perfect or displaying decorative objects. Kitchens are built with ample storage with some cupboards having glass doors, tables are not only for dining, hall and coffee tables a must and great for a collection of pieces grouped together. Windowsills with extra shelves work amazing for glass collections allowing the light to come through in all its magical ways, glass will never fade in sunlight though some early bottles may turn purple from there manganese content.